Hello and welcome to my blog, today’s post came as a result of several emails and direct messages I had received on my Instagram from new trainee teachers and those who wish to change their career into teaching about being a hijabi teacher. Most of the questions I had received contained concerns about working in […]

Good evening everyone, (well its evening where I am now here in good old Deutschland). Here is my first real post of a series of posts that is dear and close to my heart, which is mainly what I wanted to focus my blog about which is teaching. One of the most common questions I […]

Hello, Soo Dhawoow, Hallo, Marhaban/مرحباً This is the first post of an idea that I (Miss Moga) had for months, I wanted to make a blog or a space whereby I am able to express and share my experiences of being a secondary school teacher in England, teacher training and how to become a teacher, […]