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The full guide to teaching abroad

Hello, dear readers welcome, and or welcome back to my blog! This post that I have up is going back again to the topic of teaching and one possible career path those who have a degree in education could take. The topic is all about international teaching, and in this post I would be going […]

My crazy catfish encounter!

Hello dear readers, welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is something a bit more personal, and more of a storytime than a guide or a self-help post full of tips and tricks. I took a poll on my social media pages (follow me on Instagram I am humorous and take semi-aesthetic photos!), […]

Five ways to make extra money as a teacher

Hello dear readers, welcome or welcome back to my blog. Today’s blog post is about how to make extra money or get an extra stream of income as a teacher. First of all,  to clarify, you do not have to be a teaching or in teaching to use any of these methods to get some […]

How boys are turning into girls in 2018 and beyond…

Hello dear readers! Welcome and or welcome back to my blog. Now some of you may be thinking or have thought, from reading the title of my blog post, that I  may be talking about the trans, genderfluid, gender-neutral language, toilets blah blah topic that has been the mass media’s hot topic of recent years, […]

Behavior management: Top 10 tips for managing poor behaviour in class and at home!

  Welcome and or welcome back dear readers! I am aware that I have not posted on my blog for quite some time, however, I have fully healed from the operation on right hand, so I am so excited to be posting, and hopefully more regularly. So today’s post is going to be again about […]

Making the most of your PGCE/teacher training course

Hello, again dear readers, or welcome if you are new to my blog! Today’s blog post is back on the topic of teaching, specifically the topic of teacher training. Now if you are (or was) a teacher or have some knowledge about the teaching profession, then you may have heard about how bloody difficult the […]

What kind of teacher are you? A fun quiz

Hello everyone welcome or welcome back to my blog, I have put up today a quiz I made using the website  Just click on the link below to do the quiz. I wanted to make a fun little quiz to see what kind of teacher you are, or could be. I mean we all […]