Muslim marriage websites: Time wasters or life savers? An honest review

Hello again (or welcome if you are new!) today is another post on the series Miss Moga talks: Muslim marriage.

So originally I was going to post this specific blog post later, however I was flooded with loads of direct messages on my Instagram account (follow me at Miss_m0ga I am funny and charming!) and a few emails from a lot of women who wanted to hear about my honest experiences and reviews of some of the major muslim marriage websites available. So because the people have spoken, I have delivered!

Below I will be giving an in depth review on one of the six websites that I have used, which all claim to deliver a service to help muslims to find their spouse. I will covering the following major points in every review based on my personal experience and then giving the site an overall rating out of 10.

The categories are:

  • Ease of use of website
  • Cost
  • Users
  • Quality of customer service
  • User privacy
  • Unique feature(s)
  • Effectiveness

Please note that some of these points I could not fairly give an answer for all of the websites, for example I did not communicate with the admin team on all of the websites, therefore I could not rate the quality of customer service so I will make that clear in each review.



1. Half our Deen

Website address:

So the first website, half our deen is a project or production of Baba Ali the well known Muslim -Iranian comedian on Ummah Films, Islam channel and Youtube. In 2010 he founded the website as a result of the huge demand from muslims who have found it difficult to get married and find like minded people. Since then the website has been a success, and has helped over a thousand people find their other half.

Below are some images of a few couples who have met through half our deen and got married! (please note NONE of these images are mine)


Now on to the review: Please note I have only been using this website for one month.

Ease of use of website: I would say it is a very easy and straightforward website to use. Clear signs and buttons are present, the site has a good FAQ list to answer the most common questions. I have personally found that I could easily navigate the site straight away and use its features well.

Cost: There are no free trials offered, and as of now there are three payment plans available: a one year subscription at $84/ £67 (billed at once) which works out at $7/ £5 per month, a 3 month subscription at $39 / £31 (billed at once) which works out at $13/ £10 per month and a monthly subscription at $19/ £15 per month. I would say the pricing is fair and somewhat affordable compared to some of the other muslim marriage sites and services that I have used, and also factor in that there were many good quality features on this site for me as a customer to use which are not available in other online muslim marriage services.


I would personally say if you are interested in this site, to at first try a one month subscription to get an idea if this is the type of site that is suitable for your search, then after one month if you have found it to be decent or positive then go for the quarterly or yearly subscription.

Users: So in my experience for the month that I was using this site, I would say that in general I have found most of the male users that I have interacted with to be somewhat serious about looking for marriage, they had quite detailed profiles than compared to a lot of other sites that allow male (and female) profiles to be active with just one or two words! However I have noticed that during my time on the site the vast majority of users were from the USA and Canada, and a few from the UK, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Sadly for me I was looking for muslim men from the UK so to have such a small pool of single men to search through I did not see it wise to stay longer on this site. After my one month subscription had ended, I did not renew my subscription further only because of that specific reason, so keep that in mind if you are thinking about paying for a longer subscription.

Quality of customer service: I cannot comment on this area as I have only been active on the site for a month, however I have not faced any issues or problems which required me to reach out to the admin team or to contact customer service. However from reading online reviews and talking to a few friends who I know have used this site for a while, the feedback on customer service has been overall very positive.

User privacy: Very private, in fact that was one of the main reasons why I registered on half our deen. I had witnessed from friends on other muslim marriage sites that had little to no privacy for their users be harassed, easily searched and found on google search results and judged just by the display photo alone. And in one horrible example, a friend of mine had her display photo taken and used without permission to advertise on a new up and coming muslim marriage site! With half our deen it does not ask nor require a display photo from you to register, they only allow males to search for females and vice versa. There are many levels of privacy settings that you can control, such as who can view your profile and who you want to talk to. Also there is a lack of chat rooms and a winking or liking feature which helps get rid of unnecessary flirty interactions. Therefore for the time I was active on that site, I had encountered absolutely zero trolls, window shoppers and time wasters. So I highly rate the site on that particular area.

Unique feature(s): The main unique feature on this site, is the smart compatibility test that aims to narrow down to single muslim men who better match with you. I had answered the questions honestly and found that I was matched to some users, who I felt that we had similar interests, aims and understanding. In fact for me the male users that I have matched with I have had some decent conversations, however nothing serious came from this as most of them were living too far away. 

Effectiveness: For me as I have stated before I was on this site for only one month, so of course I can not give a fair answer on its effectiveness for me. However I would say that I have had a good experience using the site and faced no issues, I think if there had been a greater number of muslim men from the UK on there I possible could have found a match.

Overall rating: 6/10

Let me know what you thought about the review, and if you have used this site feel free to share you experiences. Or if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see next on the blog then send me a message!

Miss Moga



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