Hello World…

Hello, Soo Dhawoow, Hallo, Marhaban/مرحباً

This is the first post of an idea that I (Miss Moga) had for months, I wanted to make a blog or a space whereby I am able to express and share my experiences of being a secondary school teacher in England, teacher training and how to become a teacher, healthy living, being a muslim woman in Europe, motherhood, recipes, travel, marriage and more!
However my main focuses on this blog will be firstly: about teaching, as I have had many questions from people all over the UK and in different countries, asking me how to become a teacher, what are the different pathways they can take to become a qualified teacher and tips and tricks to use in the classroom to becoming a great teacher.

My second focus is on motherhood and marriage, specifically getting through the interesting journey of trying to get married as a Muslim woman who has been raised in the west, my journey has not been easy and I have tried a variety of different methods, which I hope my experiences can help other women as well. So expect to see helpful tips, red flags and warning signs to look out for, match making services and websites I’ve used with my own honest reviews.

I am no way an expert in any of these areas, but I love teaching and I love science especially chemistry so I want to share my honest experiences and give my honest advice, what worked for me and what did not in the hopes that someone out there can benefit form it. And from the motherhood side of things I am a total newbie, but I want to have a space where I can remember all those hard times and the beautiful times, what tools and methods I used that helped with my baby and me and just to appreciate these precious moments with my baby.
The main reason I have finally started to blog again is because, I have always loved reading, especially reading other peoples stories and experiences. So after avidly looking at other peoples blogs I thought to start my own. I had a previous blog (peachesandteacups.blogspot.co.uk) and I really enjoyed that. However I have grown and changed as a person and I want this blog to reflect that, as now I am a wife, have more years under my belt as a teacher both in the UK and internationally, and I have had the beautiful opportunities to see more of the world.

Sometimes my husband (Ille) will feature and post on this blog as he has special interests in healthy living, DIY, Indian, Moroccan and vegetarian cooking, gardening, social work and childcare, motorbikes and his experience of being a white German Muslim convert (or revert).

I hope you find the blog useful and entertaining, we definitely hope to post regularly and I am excited to see were our online blogging journey takes us!
Miss Moga

One comment

  1. مرحبا
    I am happy to find your blog… it’s interesting, and I think I need to learn from your experience as we share somethings like living in West Country , hijaby, married and also am planning to be a teacher..😊
    So I hope you keep posting 🌷


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